Kavok Legacy

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Message on the holocom. Another job.

Every time I’m taking my sniper rifle I feel a slight chill going through my spine. Small thrill that pushes me forward. That weapon took so many lifes, and saved mine so many times. She became part of me.

I arrived at the location. Hidden between rocks I’m laying on the ground looking through the scope.

The target is on sight.

My thoughts are clear, breath slow. My body moves almost automatically. Everything slowes down. For a split second the world calmes down, everything is so quiet. Calm before the storm.

The trigger is pulled.

Target is on the ground. It happens so fast.

The job is done.

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Art for Rancor mount?





I can’t hoard all the credits for this because I’m letting my sub lapse in a few weeks.

I would love the Rancor mount but it’s like 7mil credits at the least, yikes. If anyone wants to get me that, though, I’ll trade you for a coloured bust of your character – doesn’t have to be SWTOR, can be any OC.

I’m on Ebon Hawk, so if anyone’s interested in this trade off, send me a note here.

Need to see examples of your artwork.

Plenty of examples at my art site and art tumblr: alisadidkovsky !

Also to note that if the Rancor’s more expensive, I’ll work something else out with the art. Something like 10USD=1mil credits, in terms of my commissions.

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